Escape Path is a roleplaying strategy game where the choices you make throughout the game will result in one of numerous endings, but there is only one way out. Every choice you make can set you down a different path to escape, even just eating tomatoes or completing the level too soon. Which path will you take?


- Procedurally generated rooms for a new challenge every time you play 

- Turn based movement to strategize and anticipate the enemy’s moves

- Goofy enemies each with their own personalities

- Choices that characters actually remember and impact the story

- Hilarious hijinks, very bad jokes, and more!

*** IF YOU PLAY THE BROWSER VERSION, YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO CONTINUE IF YOU DIE !  Additionally, if you don’t hear any music, try clicking the game. ***

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This is the Beta version of the early development of the game; the precursor to the final demo showcasing the first environment/world the player will face in the game. Your feedback is crucially important to the development of a more polished and finished demo of the game, so thank you for playing the game and let me know what you think!

Note: This is only the beginning of your journey. You can’t escape yet, but there are numerous special endings and it will tell you the path you were on when you defeat the first boss. 


W, A, S, D or Arrow Keys: Move the character up and down or left and right. 

Enter or Return Key: Submit or continue dialogue. Also can be used to skip any of the intro to go right to the Start Screen. 

Shift Key: The dialogue is read off one letter at a time. You can increase or decrease the text speed in the options menu, or you can press Shift key to finish reading the text. While holding down the shift key, the dialogue will read off quickly and progress automatically. 

Escape key: Open the pause menu during the game. 

*Some keys with special functions will be explained in the game.


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Escape Path Beta Mac 77 MB
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Awesome game! Video review below:

21:30 Escape Path Beta


Cool game i liked it the grahpics are cool and gameplay was fun. However with the first enemy type when my stamina was high i didn't care about being hit by them as i had a lot of stamina but later on i tried to avoid damage. Also if you ever want to post progress pics of your game you can on my discord be cool to see how your game or any other i progressing. Good game!

Thanks !!


The game feels really real! 

I love this kind of concept 

Thank you !

Cool game, it was very fun to play and very enjoyable. Nice work!

Thanks for playing ! I’m glad you liked it !

No browser-version yet? I'd be curious in comparison to that Cave-Escape. The screenshots and preview-video here, looks exciting so far :-)

Hey Crossfire271, thanks for your interest in my game! There’s no browser version because the game has a save system that requires the application to be downloaded. Is there any particular reason you need to play it in the browser? I promise you it’s the worth the extra effort of downloading it, but if you can’t play the downloaded version for some reason, I can see what I can do for you. 

I prefer to downloads because e.g. taking space on my device (which is btw also slow anyway and a specific required app was approx. at the limit of this device), other users also replied some downloads don't seem to work & generally I prefer the direct view as game playable where I'm noticing the game (on the browser) or viewable as video on youtube/streamed on discord where I could "guide" the path I'd aim for, when personally playing it. I also prefer webversions because it gets updates more quick and possible multiplayer-features being available, I also like the short waiting-duration between a "run"-click & the gamestart vs. downloading its version.


I just uploaded a browser version for you to play ! 

Cute, witty game. Enjoyed the dialogue, although the humorous monsters don't feel as original or unique as they would have before the release of Undertale. I did encounter a few bugs along the way, but nothing game breaking.

Keep it up bruv!

Thank you so much for your feedback ! It was inspired by Undertale, I absolutely love that game. If you can recall, what kind of bugs were you experiencing ? 
Thanks again and I’m glad you liked it ! 


Hey Shane

As I said, the bugs were small and not really disruptive to the flow of the game, but here's the stuff I remember: On floor 25 I sometimes couldn't move on turn 2, luckily skipping the turn by sleeping let me move once again. There were also some minor things with the sleep mechanic that didn't feel 100% intended, like being able to sleep while in dialogue.

Hope that helps. Best of luck in your gamedev endeavours :)

Thanks so much!